DiscoveryTrait.php The empty string plugin does not exist valid plugin IDs for EditorManager are ckeditor

DiscoveryTrait.php line 53: The "" plugin does not exist. Valid plugin IDs for Drupal\editor\Plugin\EditorManager are: ckeditor

This suddenly came up.

Only guess now is it’s related to our config_actions module powered, ah config actions.

Because we have a couple of config/actions/editor.editor.basic_html.yml type files.

But those were working fine. And they haven’t changed. So what changed?

It appears to fail at drutopia_findit_organization module installed.

I’m not quite sure why the syslog / journalctl log just has happy news, like the ancient Egyptian records where there were no defeats recorded, just victories that became more sporadic and closer to home. Meanwhile the continuous integration reports the error above.

But the fact that it ends on findit organization when there’s several more modules to come, is very suggestive.


So the enabling of our drutopia_findit_search module, which depended on findit program which depended on findit organization which had the editor plugin related config actions, must have moved the enabling of the findit organization module up in the sequence.

And yes, it turns out that drutopia_site, which provides the editor configuration files which findit organization modifies, was not an explicit dependency of findit organization.

Fixed that, and the Find It Program Locator installation was able to continue.