Have a path alias go to a path with queries Drupal 8

Oh don’t despair it’s only a 13-year-old issue.


The big use case for me for this is faceted search. Ideally on a Drupal / Drutopia site, we replace all boring old regular taxonomy term listings and content listings with new, improved, combined, all-in-one facet listings.

So when i go to example.com/articles i am really at example.com/search?content_type=article and when i go to example.com/drupal i am really at example.com/search?topic_taxonomy_term_tid=1 and when i go to example.com/opinion i am really at example.com/search?article_type_taxonomy_term_tid=2 and when i go to example.com/articles/opinion/drupal i am really at example.com/search?content_type=article&article_type_taxonomy_term_tid=2&topic_taxonomy_term_tid=1 and from any of those listing pages the visitor can add and remove facets to filter differently— all the power of categorized content is available from every listing page.

Even without the extreme version of that ideal, having tags go to faceted search instead of standalone pages is a big benefit.

Linkable URLs for facets [#1025402] | Drupal.org

(Old, Drupal 7 issue: URL aliases require workaround [#1468922] | Drupal.org)

(Even older? issue: Create settings for the url processor to change the facet’s alias [#2624410] | Drupal.org)