Providing a recommended citation format for content on your website

Bibliography & Citation had a million options but

We intentionally choose to do the citation in one big lump, because our expectation for making this more flexible would be to plug into bibcite or other citation API, rather than making it easy to re-theme this custom data.

external link change did nothing we wanted it to.

Force every external link to open in a new tab: (Safe External Links)

I voted up that module in a couple answers on StackExchange and mentioned it in a comment to a decade-old-thread on

My feature request, for hover/tap preview:

I think the potential oembed solution is probably best: As LU I want to automatically see a preview of a link placed in a comment [#2747559] |

I wrote:

Following this with interest. Noting that already does some of this, but also liking the idea of using the complete Embed library. (Also personally interested in previews-on-hover of links that already have proper anchor tags with text and all, as is commonly the case for links added with a WYSIWYG, but strongly agree that “plain text” is the best default entry format for comments.)

And: Support opengraph and link preview formats [#3078594] |

But it looks like even basic maintenance of has stalled, maybe because a bunch of it is going into Drupal core? Maybe? Eeesh.

A separate matter of linking…

But it turned out the way GEO wants to do this is with the flexibility to make internal and external links, just mixed in a paragraph.

**Corresponding Entity References is the answer:

CER keeps reference fields in sync. If you have two entities that refer to each other using Entity Reference (or some other kind of reference field), it saves you the trouble of double-editing your entities in order to have them point at each other. If entity Alice references entity Bob, CER will make Bob reference Alice, and keep the references up-to-date when either entity is updated or deleted. - a computed entity reference field, but you still make the references on only one side.

The fine Relation module does not seem to be getting ported:

Pretty good post and comments discussion - - but 3 years out of date and Gabe Sullice has not gone on to make a module for relationships in Drupal 8 himself (just a lot of other contributions!).

See also: Dynamic Entity Reference provides a field type/widget/formatter combination for Drupal 8 that allows an entity-reference field to reference more than one entity type.

This Drupal 7 only module,

Search and Replace scanner - - looks like Damien McKenna is porting it to D8 right now.

Development on a D8 version is active, but no release yet:

… probably wait for December when it comes to core.

Outside of content areas (generally my preference) There’s still Video Embed Field and also

Separate but related, other sites getting a good preview of our site, see