Create a Drupal view with content based on a username in the URL path

So naturally i explored the Blog module, formerly of Drupal core.

It’s … not in great shape.

I’m not alone in the want for a pathauto type module to doit. But no answers!

Most useful thread yet…

Way back in Drupal 6 days a decade ago, someone asked for a Views argument implementation and the answer was that would have to go into Views.

Now that Views is in core, maybe it would be accepted as a submodule of pathauto instead? But it’s really just a generic path alias pattern builder that is needed, though it’d be nice to have one that validated against existing Views paths as that’s the 90% use case.

OK here is that same request already made for Drupal 8:

Provide pathauto for contextual filters [#2979974] |

It went a bit off the rails (support for a specific goal) and nowhere else.

So i actually upgraded , and it works.

Also worth noting this feature request against Views URL alias to use it in contextual filters.