Fallback environment instructions for migration training- do not work

Fallback environment instructions:

Check that you have PHP installed on your computer (PHP 5.5.9+, 7.1+ preferred), test in a terminal with: php –version composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev migrate-training –no-interaction cd migrate-training php -t web -S localhost:8008

Visit http://localhost:8008/ and install your Drupal 8 site with the database prefix d8_

Keep sites/default/files/.ht.sqlite as-is

mkdir web/modules/custom cd web/modules/custom/ git clone git@github.com:dinarcon/ud_d8_upgrade.git cd ../../../ gunzip web/modules/custom/ud_d8_upgrade/drupal7/drupal7.sql.gz sqlite3 web/sites/default/files/.ht.d7sqlite -init web/modules/custom/ud_d8_upgrade/drupal7/drupal7.sql

… cannot convert our SQL dump file to SQLite so this won’t work