Is there any way to stop third-party settings pollution in Drupal 8?

This is purely a site builder / developer experience issue.

The problem is that once a module that provides third-party settings to fields, like Display Suite or Custom Add Another, it adds an empty array to everywhere it could apply, before anything is configured there. It means these updates to the configuration add themselves whenever the configuration is touched for other reasons, so your diffs for configuration become very messy.

And it’s just ugly and seems completely unnecessary.

Why can’t the default state of anything that adds third party settings be nothing?

Here’s the issue where the concept of 3rd-party settings went in: Let 3rd party modules store extra configuration in EntityDisplay

It might provide some clues. @TODO review.

I’m thinking this might be fixable on the side of the modules that add their config? Or maybe a small tweak to core and guidelines for implementers would do it. I can’t imagine it’s intractable.

Examples of the configuration i want to dispense with:

Oh! This seems promising at stopping the noise?

Do not add third-party setting if not used

@TODO follow up and maybe do the same for my CheckboxesJS module.