Meeting with Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

Questions i want to be sure to get to:

How will you be using Smartsheet?

Main thing comes down choice between:

Part of the answer to this

Pardon my ignorance, but neighborhoods don’t fit neatly into wards, do they? This has to be two different measures?

Not wanting to overlap with Parent Aware

(can we import their info, with credit?)

Hands On Twin Cities covers volunteer opportunities, and Volunteers United

We do want a referral page for what we don’t include, with links.

YSN, available beds for youth experiencing homelessness; programs have to update this regularly.

ConnextMSP, CareerForce jobs

MYCepaz - psychological first aid.

Designations of programs:

MAA - Minnesota Afterschool Advanced

Organizations can become MAA-eligible through Minnesota Department of Education; if under certain income, can be free. Including things like Driver’s Ed.

Relevant if program is MPS partner

M3 - continuous quality improvement process, projects should get a bit of a gold star. Possibly boost relevance in search.

I did give a bit of a value-based pricing apprroach.