Showing up for each other as cooperatives

“Stacco” - part of peer 2 peer foundation for many years

exploring technology, careworker, and distributed cooperative organizations

DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

we need cooperative feminist commons-oriented alternatives to DAOs.

Encrypted hyperledger. An Excel spreadsheet that’s everywhere. But people can’t just steal information

Ledger is important. Transition from feudalism to capitalism facilitated by double-entry accounting.

Trifecta of hierarchy: Patriarchy,

certain benefits but also drawbacks


Goldman Socks, HBSC



arose from community of practice, the Guerilla Media Collective.

Open value accounting; not based on contractual relationship

Understanding gendered aspects of worker labor.

Balances pro-bono work with agency work.

Activism sometimes linked with privilege.

Because we are also

model value tracks:

for FAIR distribution of INCOME

on top of cooperative principles, seven DISCO principles

  1. statutorily oriented towards the common good. Work is energy being put to use. What is productive labor going toward? Housing We’ve got some pretty big problems, rise of fascism, global warming.

  2. Multi-stakeholder nation. Voice for everyone.

  3. Actively co-creates commons.

  4. Locally embedded, globally oriented.

  5. Centered on care work.

Daily checkin:

What did you do yesterday, today any blocks doing for the world

  1. New origins and flows of value. Mechanism to get compensation for pro bono work. And for care work, which we consider to include admin labor.

  2. Primed for federation

nodes of no more than 20 people (coming)

Read about it at Red Heart ?

2nd of December, Solidarity Hall

Esteban: Rene (male-presenting) and i used to work together at the New economy coalition, and that’s what he does there.

Suara Cooperative


Law passed by new Podemos government.

Participating in co-op development toolkit.

For the third sector, the cooperative must be seen as the future model.

Participating with SEWA in India, CoRise coop in Chicago, Cataki in Brazil, Cooperative Life in Australia.

Building on success of open source and free software.

Lindsey Lusher(?) Chute [Lindsey Lusher Shute] so honored so many came from so far; i came from two hours north, my farm in the Hudson River Valley.

Agriculture has long history of cooperatives.

Coops considered indispensable in dairy (Land o’ Lakes), some grain elevators

coops often only way to make farming viable, because margins are so slim.

Many dairy farmers in this region gone since 1980s

Number of producers, of farmers, has steadily gone down. May still be growing etc. but it’s by a few large entities (that may still be members of cooperatives)

Movement to produce model viable by young farmers

Maximize small profit, using CSA approach

Then young people pursuing farming.

National Young Farmer’s coalition

Came together in 2010. Common issues: microcredit from farm banks and USDA. Land access. Equity issues, like racism, which exists for instance in lending [also important to participants].

Founders in Silicon Valley getting millions in investment to disrupt? Help? But in any case be another middleman. We will expand your market. Some of these quite beautiful, well-developed [apps]. But quite risky for farmers. One called us and said: We’re doubling the price. Another, CSAs are our lifeblood, thing we can rely on, they were buying from multiple farms, as they couldn’t make profit on CSAs, and competing with us [in providing CSA-like service]

Farm Generations is:

Doing wash barn [where food is washed to prepare for sale, packaging, processing], plan to do data testing and release it for 2020 growing season.

Traditional ag coop. One member [farm] one vote. Raising grant funding to build the thing.

Similar in what [others are] offering so far but radically different in ownership.

Vast majority [of members] are small family businesses. Want them to be successful. To cover expenses. To have health care. To be able to save for investment.

Lack market power.

As growing a diverse group of things, don’t have [much market power for any one] hope it can

Purpose and Company Values


GrownBy will increase the sales, profits, and market share of small farms through cooperation and technology.

Company values

I live in the slums

55.3M people in

People will say Mexico is not a racist country, it is a classist country

Changing the narrative

I was in a public university in Mexico; i never heard about poverty from my teachers. So you don’t know about it.

Volunteers are going to be the next generation working for a better world

doesn’t matter if they do it from free time or from privilege or what

the important thing is we do it in

when i was in school, i never had a chance to got to a slum, because my teachers didn’t now anything about that.

What we are doing with volunteers is listen.

No one has solved poverty. We need to listen to people in slums to start to learn how to create an answer.

Big groups of people living

Many in slums never had the chance to go to school Esp. with discrimination

inside the communities people are getting a very strong education, a popular education

Now we’re having small schools in the community

trying to find teachers with free time to go wwith us into the community


Richard Jensen, music coop - Resonate. Looking to grow, but it can be a benefit to artists at a global scale.

Sacco: belong to smaller communities and bigger ones

our coop offers translation services - multiple nodes.

How does the work go into it.

Could have 5,000, but 20 people check in with each other, and then group checks in.

Can also rotate in different nodes