Banning toxic people creates spaces for other people to participate

MalwareTech @MalwareTechBlog 6h A while back I made a Discord server, but got tied up with real life stuff and couldn’t put in the time to moderate it. When I came back it had gotten super toxic, but the toxic members were also smart and extremely active. 1/?

11:06 PM · Jan 5, 2020 9 153 614 Image MalwareTech @MalwareTechBlog 6h I felt I was choosing between having an active server and having a welcoming server. Eventually I settled on just mass-banning all the toxic members (about 95% of the active users). To my surprise, within a week the server was significantly more active. 2/? 2 86 578 Image MalwareTech @MalwareTechBlog 6h Turns out, the toxic users weren’t the smartest or most active, they just made everyone else feel uncomfortable. Was very surprising how quickly things improved, and It didn’t kill the server like many warned it would. Was a valuable lesson that I imagine applies offline too. 3/3 22 121 1,044 Image