Switch between open application windows by filtering with text search

Switch between application windows in Ubuntu (well, Gnome) by typing a couple letters of their title, rather than alt tabbing indefinitely!



The first time i suspended after setting this up, Super + W started closing windows instead of bringing up the windows switcher.

I changed the Window action key from Super to disabled in Ubuntu Tweaks, Windows options, but that had no effect. Suspending and trying again, and the Super + W desired functionality came back: bringing up all my open windows in a list that can be filtered by typing words from the titles of the windows.

So today i learned how to switch windows based on title, not a useless visual overview of, say, a dozen identical-looking open terminal windows!

Side note: If you just do the regular Super key that comes stock with Ubuntu (or at least Pop OS) that brings up all your windows, with a type to search option, at the bottom of the search results (which will include programs, documents, files and such) for certain open programs, including Terminal but not including Firefox, it will show open windows that match your query. And it does so in a pretty cool way, showing also the last line of response in that terminal window. But it’s too slow to have the computer filter all programs and documents everywhere, to then have to look down at the bottom to see the active windows.

Plus, Daniel Landau’s switcher extension for Gnome has the added benefit of working for Firefox. And with a Firefox extension to be able to add labels to window titles it’s very easy to find the window i want, when i keep things organized.