draft notes toward election-first politics not enough

It’s 2020, March 2nd, the day before the “Super Tuesday” primary.

I’m being pulled into electoral politics again.

I’m searching for “does the bernie sanders app help you offer rides to polls to people” on DuckDuckGo, an

All i found was a recent Reddit thread about free rides to the polls from Lyft, but you need to go through a handful of nonprofits to get a voucher:

Nonprofit organizations League of Women Voters, National Federation of the Blind, Student Veterans of America, National Urban League, The Civic Alliance and Voto Latino Foundation are working with Lyft to distribute rides directly to people in their networks whom they determine are most in need of transportation to the polls.

If Lyft can realize this and cite the facts about youth not voting, it has surely come up on the Bernie Sanders Slack.

If you’re in the position to direct us to people who need the same kind of

Thoughts started here reached fuller form at https://agaric.coop/blog/election-first-organizing-failing-us