best local editors for static sites using markdown

Netlify is a clear leader, with one caveat:

Note: No matter where you access Netlify CMS — whether running locally, in a staging environment, or in your published site — it always fetches and commits files in your hosted repository (for example, on GitHub), on the branch you configured in your Netlify CMS config.yml file. This means that content fetched in the admin UI matches the content in the repository, which may be different from your locally running site. It also means that content saved using the admin UI saves directly to the hosted repository, even if you’re running the UI locally or in staging.

I wonder if anyone has hacked that to be able to just save locally, and we can handle our own local git committing (whether automatically with gitwatch or the good old fashioned manual way).

Andrew (R.S Admin)

i’m looking for a visual website builder that either runs on a local machine or is self-hostable, that I can provide to several people who have expressed a desire to have a website, so that I don’t just install wordpress for them.

Something that produces plain HTML would be ideal.

I’m looking for, essentially, a static site generator with a UI instead of a markdown and templating based experience.