Libre tools for remote work and communication

Hi Jay! We (especially Micky) are so glad you asked.

We can start to do our meetings together in Jitsi in or in — and you can just make up any room name

I think Micky has found the main Jitsi to be slightly more stable than May First’s, but that may change as more people try out Jitsi.

Downloading the mobile app or Jitsi desktop app i find gives better quality also:

Mumble is a more stable and scalable, but voice only, and harder to get accustomed to.

May First just did a very good writeup of these options:

For your moderator meeting, i very much suggest you keep Zoom as a fallback or ensure everyone is on some sort of real-time communication— maybe that can be everyone checking their e-mail, but if it’s possible to get everyone on Signal and Signal Desktop - - beforehand for a realtime chat option that allows you to share links to different Jitsi platforms or back to Zoom, should there be audio issues with Jitsi or difficulty using it or Mumble or whatever.



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