Trying to make Config Overlay work with a complex Drupal distribution

I mean, it is working somewhat:

l sync/* | wc -l


l sync/* | wc -l

before adding config overlay, and that’s with config snapshot still hanging around and adding 171 files versus 183 apiece.

So config overlay has reduced the config/sync export file path by a bit more than half. But after a fresh install, that number should be about 100%— there should be zero files.

Meanwhile, modules that should be enabled but aren’t…

Some representative changes of what got re-exported:

--- a/config/install/paragraphs.paragraphs_type.faq.yml
+++ b/config/install/paragraphs.paragraphs_type.faq.yml
@@ -1,11 +1,12 @@
-uuid: 05cb5631-452a-4972-a57a-d8aa84e25573
+uuid: a56cb452-23c2-4348-b420-11c61a230209
 langcode: en
 status: true
 dependencies: {  }
-  default_config_hash: Dg0xnoj7hxyYEfNRuN-5pCxVqnaSoWM7sNwkmObn5lM
+  default_config_hash: rau_6f9qD7a8PoXMDiEvhu73V6ClO4Ra1cKUIKg_NlQ
 id: faq
 label: FAQ
 icon_uuid: null
+icon_default: null
 description: ''
 behavior_plugins: {  }

Going to note here that Tobias Zimmermann (tstoeckler)]( ) the maintainer of Config Overlay is being awesome, and most useful information will end up in this issue:

OK. Back to packaging config up. Working with Features for a moment.

Our feature for the install profile itself says this:

Configuration missing from active site:

  • node.settings

Import the feature to create the missing config listed above.

That is a lie. Both sets of configuration are in the active config— or at least they are when exported. Moreover, the configuration files in config/sync are identical to the ones in web/profile/findit/config/install except that the former has the dreaded:

  default_config_hash: TL4dsl1620CB95qZ_WwWngEDKd_tSIRqKFquaFff-ag

but that’s expected in the active/exported config.

Moreover, system.theme has the same default_config_hash only in the active/config/sync version, and Features, in the same feature, sees it just fine.


Before config_overlay:

l sync/* | wc -l 1062


l sync/* | wc -l 537

After moving workflow_buttons.settings.yml, minus the config hash junk, into our Drutopia Find It Organization feature…

l sync/* | wc -l 535

Moving one file got our count to go down by two after export. Interesting…

… but workflow_buttons.settings.yml is still there gaaaaaaahhck.

more success with putting views.view.moderated_content.yml into Drutopia Find It Content Management module— count went down by precisely 1, and the config file stayed gone after export!