A web API for Git, both reading content and writing simple commits

Really surprised that there aren’t any simple projects to provide a web API to Git.

There’s Eclipse’s Orion Server API’s Git API: “The Git API is a web server API for browsing and manipulating Git repositories.”

It has everything needed, like git add. But i don’t see separate install instructions, and we don’t want to install the entire Orion server browser-based open tool integration platform.

And there’s another one (also?) written in Java also meant to be a repository viewer with options for access control and such.

i’m basically presuming solo use and no worry of conflicts, but if there were to be and i were to do a fallback, it would just open a branch and instruct people to deal with the merge request outside of the web site context.

OK this is interesting but not what we’re looking for:


Probably makes most sense just to use the GitLab API for this?

Guess the action is in webhooks.


Thought that was with https://www.drupal.org/project/external_entities we could really get Drupal to use Git as a content backend.

On the local end

Anyhow elsewhere i’ve looked into the ideal content editing workflow that gets the content in Git where it’s safe and sound, and had thought Netlify didn’t support a local repository, which is a must— but it does now. It’s still being improved.