A pomodoro time tracker that prompts for planned and completed tasks

I’m sure i’ve searched for similar things many times before but i was focused on maybe actually building it myself this time.

pedroarilla/pomothon: A project manager and time tracker written in Python. is pretty cool, but not quite the interaction i’m going for.

If it’s going to track projects as well as tasks, i need it hooked up with where i’m ultimately tracking that— a shared projecm management and issue queue, not something local.

A quite like the screenshot at https://pomodoro.ml/ which hints at Getting Things Done style context with the ‘at’ (perhaps) and promise of being very lightweight and no more cognitive overload than paper. Unfortunately, it says work in progress and the code hasn’t been touched in more than three years (2017 April). Or not? I requested access on GitLab, huh… https://gitlab.com/WzukW/pomodoro

Dan Anglin / Pominal is written in Go and looks well-organized but it doesn’t look like it records what you do (and it doesn’t have any documentation yet— a To Do as of four months ago though!).

Oh man this is what i was looking for before…


Not sure how to combine my two desires:

Currently my thinking is that my “What’d you do?” and “What’re you gonna do?” dialog prompts that both pre-fill with whatever you put in for the last of either prompt (with “I dunno” an easy button to blank out the latter) are hooked up to search and autocomplete issues, probably projects and issues separately so that we don’t have to search the global space of issues in our autocomplete function.


Built something good enough for my own use:


Took a lot of inspiration as far as simple structure, handling control c, the countdown, and probably more from https://github.com/waynew/pymato

Using https://github.com/poulp/zenipy and considered https://pypi.org/project/tinydb/ but stuck with a CSV flat file for now.

Also although it’s sort of a command-line app (with pop-up windows to get attention at start and end of work sessions) i’m not using https://docs.python.org/3/library/cmd.html

It needs some (a lot?) more polishing but i’d actually like to get it in Debian/Ubuntu package managers and Flatpak, which looks like it will support it and provides a helper script to turn my requirements.txt into something it can understand.