Identifying and dealing with weird Signal behavior

are you getting that from me now? I did just figure out that every time i got a “DM” from you in my desktop Signal that said unable to decode sent message that it was actually a message you’d sent to a regular loop we are both on— and that i could see on my phone, but not the computer. Tried reset session as one suggested fix. Jul 10 11:30pm

Secure session reset We should maybe meet and resecure connection?

Jul 13 5:06pm It seems to be fixed on my end after the reset (and telling Signal to delete the chat history, but i don’t think that mattered)— i’m seeing your messages on desktop. I should start an Alliance Signal tech FAQ so i figure this out quicker next time— direct messages about unable to decode messages are not actually direct messages from that person! Meeting in person we can verify one another, not sure if that might help prevent errors like that.