how to suspend a specific tab in firefox that's using way too much memory when i'm not even using it

From the description, Sleep Mode doesn’t have an easy way to suspend a specific tab— just suspend all tabs other than specific tabs.

Tab Suspender by Michalewicz Piotr will do what i want— an option to do “Manual tab suspending (suspend, suspend others, suspend all to the right/left)”.

Also, Firefox has a built-in way to automatically suspend tabs when needed. But so many people complained about Firefox suspending tabs, and then it taking longer when they went back to them, that i guess Firefox went from defaulting to deactivating inactive tabs if memory ran low to not doing that anymore.

I just went into about:config and switched browser.tabs.unloadOnLowMemory from false to true.

I’ll see if i’m happier. It seems as soon as i did it the tab i was planning to suspend went ahead and suspended itself.