Infiltrating the Platform Cooperativism Facebook group

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If you’d like to be admitted to this forum, please answer the following brief questions! How did you hear about us?

Facebook suggested you. Seems y’all are keeping this on the downlow on the platform-discuss list, hmmmmm. Let me in or i’ll blow your cover. ;-)

What interests you most about platform cooperativism?

ALL the good things but also the need to do mass democracy, and so communication, well.

Don’t worry, i promise to post about replacing Facebook with a cooperative platform no more than once a month and only if no one else has, so, never.

We want to make sure that you understand the background of the group that you are hoping to join. Did you already check to learn about our work?

i was at the digital labor conference that was part of the evolving into the platform coop movement and have been to a couple of the conferences, though Micky (Michele Metts) is my worker-owned cooperatives main involvement in the movement currently.

Sadly no room to fit in my current goal:

Trying to trick into becoming a LibreSaaS platform cooperative.