Trying to set up online banking sync with GnuCash and Digital Federal Credit Union

Agaric, LLC uses GnuCash, open source desktop accounting software, for our bookkeeping. We would like to connect it to our online banking.

The software requests:

service rep:

you need the dcu bank code

do you know your pin?


i know the PIN i use with my debit card that’s associated with the business account, i don’t think i know any other PIN though?

service rep: so you are trying to link agaric llc to dcu online banking

[representative] has left the chat. The chat has ended.

That happened while i was typing:

No? We have online banking. I was logged into the Agaric account on when i initiated this chat. We need the specific information for allowing software to connect to DCU

Finishing my thought.

…to connect to DCU’s Online Banking server, if you have one that can be used in this way.