Choosing a hosted CiviCRM provider or other LibreSaaS CRM for Agaric

Choosing an awesome CRM - Crazed fan Relationship Management - platform for Agaric. #LibreSaaS - hosted by someone else but open source free software

CiviCRM options:

Potential ‘hosts’ of CiviCRM (for most hosting isn’t their main thing)


Some that i know have contributed to CiviCRM:

Actual SaaS, should be able to just sign up:


Other LibreSaaS CRM



I don’t think anything Acquia is doing will be truly LibreSaaS, but their CRM-like offering, Mautic, is GPLv3

But to avoid dependence on Acquia secret code, we’d probably want to host ourselves:


Old-school businessy, but clean UI and a thousand features.

Not actually LibreSaaS (proprietary parts)


Self-hosted Libre CRMs

Rockstar ERP

For finance, purchase, inventory, and sales.

Corteza CRM



EBI Neutrino

Desktop, not web-based.


Cercle, Millennium Business Sweet,


(Made by freescholar)

Signed up for monthly service hosting civi at $30 a month -

The 2 factors - they are a coop and they list phone numbers for all the staff.

Immediate thoughts

lot of good stuff; particularly interested in:

“Allow all organisations to benefit from technological advances developed by other users of the software (pooling and sharing using Free Software)”

we should ask for ability to reproduce our Drupal 8 + CiviCRM site in our local development environment, not to be able to push customizations but perchance to make directly relevant upstream contributions that may eventually be useful to us and other symbiotic clients.