Responding to a person interested in an upgrade of Drupal (content migration)

Hey there. I have a longtime client that is running Drupal 7, and they just now are expressing interest in upgrading to 9.

Is this a service agaric could provide? If so, I’d love to get a quote from you so we can get them moved over easily.

Thank you for thinking of us. We can definitely do this upgrade; content migration from one site to a new one is one of our specialties. (Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 is similar to moving from one platform to another; this disruptive approach to upgrades ended with Drupal 8. As you may know, once Bayer Becker is on Drupal 9 upgrades will be relatively smooth and will not require a migration.)

The cost mostly depends on the number of content types and their complexity. We can share some SQL queries to get that quickly, to help us give a quick informed estimate for the migration portion.

The amount of content in total doesn’t matter, although complex content types with fewer than a dozen pieces of content would likely be cheaper to copy manually.

From looking at the site, it appears that News and Projects are the content most in need of migration, followed by Videos. Keeping all URLs working to retain search engine rank, while the look and possibly functionality of sections of the site are enhanced,

Would your team be interested in developing capacity to do some of this migration? Or be trained in the new templating language (Twig) and other aspects of theming in modern Drupal, and handle that part yourself? You would be leading the re-design aspects of the upgrade?

An upgrade is a great opportunity to review information architecture, functionality, and user experience on the current site, and where the company wants to go with its online presence, which often starts with reconsidering target audiences and the content appropriate for them. In addition to capacity building for your team we are happy to be as involved, or not, in any of these aspects of an upgrade:

We’re glad Bayer Becker is looking to upgrade and that you found us! What are the next steps, getting on a call with you (and Bayer Becker?)?