Making a website that's a grid of screenshots taken from other websites and saved locally

So the motivation is to share with a designer that we’re going to be working with that website design, modern Drupal, and

Searching for drupal 8 9 showcase design eventually brought me to:

which is the best such listing i’ve found, certainly much better than which is limited and rarely updated (and case studies while fantastic are not the best when focusing on design)

i’d like to do it slightly differently— automatically grab a screenshot and cache it, with metadata about at least the date the screenshot was taken.

Somewhat related of interest:

GridStack provides integration with gridstack.js as a dynamic layout creator for both two-dimensional layouts (Masonry, Packery, Isotope, native browser Grid Layout), and linear or one-dimensional layouts (Bootstrap/ Foundation, etc.) with drag-and-drop. A few optional field formatters, and Views style plugin.