Unbelievably A Small Orange does not offer Let's Encrypt to their shared hosting customers

TLDR this is what i was just finishing typing when the support agent just ended the damn support session on me!

My question is why A Small Orange doesn’t provide the Let’s Encrypt CPanel plugin so that shared hosting customers can get access to the free SSL provided by Let’s Encrypt in this massive effort gaining near universal support over the past five years?

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We would like to enable HTTPS (and make it default) for http://cockrillcorp.com/ and i’m surprised that the Let’s Encrypt plugin for CPanel doesn’t seem to be enabled. Can that be or is there another easy way? We don’t need the wildcard SSL cert. J

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Hello, Ben. I’m Jashwin. Welcome to Chat Support. I’ll be glad to install SSL for your domain.

SSL cannot be installed from cPanel .

Thank you for the Support Code. I was able to verify your account.

You can purchase SSL from a third-party vendor Let’s Encrypt and get back to us with SSL certificates, Private Key and CA Bundle so that we can help you with installing SSL for your domain on our server for Free.

It’s been a couple of minutes since I’ve heard from you. Are we still connected? B

Thank you, but Let’s Encrypt works with a shorter certificate lifetime but with automatic (free) renewal.

So it’s important that it be somewhat automated.

https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/ J

Automated SSL will work on VPS servers. Since this is shared server, SSL has to be installed on our end to the server manually. B

So shell access or the official CPanel plugin supported since 2016: https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-cpanel-whms-official-lets-encrypt-with-autossl-plugin/

It’s very disappointing that A Small Orange is not on board with this major effort to protect the web. J

I understand your concern. You will get jailshell access on shared servers but to install SSL automatically you will have to go for a VPS packages.

Do you have any other queries for me?

Thank you for contacting Chat Support. I’m glad that I was able to assist you today. I have not heard from you in a while, so I am going to close out this chat. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to initiate another chat session with us. We are available 24/7/365.

Filed support ticket:

I am shocked to learn from my live support agent that A Small Orange does not provide any support for Let’s Encrypt for shared hosting customers. All that is needed is for ASO to install the official Let’s Encrypt plugin: https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-cpanel-whms-official-lets-encrypt-with-autossl-plugin/

Or cPanel’s AutoSSL plugin. Both appear to be free to ASO with your cPanel license: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/84Docs/Manage+AutoSSL

It was also very upsetting to have the support chat session abruptly ended by the support agent when there was clearly no resolution to my problem.

And i will not be able to recommend people choose A Small Orange anymore, unless free SSL is included for shared hosting customers— five years after it became easy to do so.

Thank you, and i look forward to a reply that has received attention from people able to make a decision about enabled cPanel plugins.



Greetings from A Small Orange Support!

I certainly understand your concern about enabling Let’s Encrypt and also I am sorry for the issue that you have faced while having an interaction with one of our chat admins. I do want to help you with enabling Let’s Encrypt plugin or AutoSSL plugin. Unfortunately, it is not possible as the SSL has to be installed on the server end also cPanel is the third party.

However, we do support the installation of third-party SSL like Let’s Encrypt, for which at first you will have to generate CSR in our server. To generate CSR, please get back to us with the following information.

Email: Domain Name: City: Country: State/ Province: Company name: Company division

Once we provide the CSR code, you will have to provide that CSR to your SSL provider and ask them for the SSL certificate bundles such as Certificate, Private key, and CA bundle for your domain. Later, you provide us the certificate bundles by uploading it in cPanel under File Manager and let us know the location where you have uploaded the SSL certificate bundle so that we can proceed with SSL installation.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us, we are available 24/7.

Thank you,

Web Advisor A Small Orange

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