Belated update to the first Drutopia member

Hi! Thank you for following up, and apologies, time has gotten a little lost.

Agaric hosts the majority of the Drutopia sites out there

The latest Drutopia site in development is

Oh, and i guess the latest one launched is

Nothing particularly special about FAHN’s relationship except the length of time! $500/year remains our base rate for the Drutopia platform.

Drutopia as an organization is not providing hosting currently, so your relationship is directly with Agaric, and we’re formally taking on the platform side of Drutopia.

This is still a bit of a draft but at least it’s something written about Drutopia in 2021!

The website itself will be updated soon. (Work on the Drutopia software has continued through our silence, including a new version with some new approaches.)

Clayton has become less active with Drutopia since leaving Agaric. I am also an Administrator for your site as i have, through the server, access to log in as user 1. I’ve given myself Manager role so that typically i log into the live site with the same permissions you have, and can accurately describe what you can do. Using Administrator privileges on the live site is something we rarely do; instead configuration changes at that level are made locally and deployed first to the test site and then to the live site.

Note, however, that you can snag Administrator power in an emergency by changing the password or e-mail address of the “Family and Home administrator” and logging in as that yourself!

Like other current Drutopia sites, Family & Home is on Drupal Version 8.9.13 and on track to smoothly upgrade to Drupal 9 within the next few months.

Drutopia documentation is mostly current but you are fairly correct about Groups— that feature does exist, but it is significantly less fleshed out than it could be and should be.

Collection is not a fully released feature yet but it is available to you— however, so is Book module, as it remains a part of Drupal core in modern Drupal (8 and 9). What are you looking for it to do, exactly? I’m going to start opening issues for this and other requests so we can track them better, add screenshots and more information, etc.

All the requests below are in issues in the Needs Decision and To Do columns

The estimate for doing everything in To Do is $3,000 (rounding down a bit) and the items in Needs Decision require some clarifications before they can be estimated.