Reserve Drupal node IDs (protect certain internal paths from use)

There’s possibly a way to intervene at the moment of saving to manipulate the node series, to veto a given number and jump to the next one.

There does not appear to be a way, in Drupal 7 or 8, to more simply increment the next node ID to 10,000 or such to jump over all the nodes on the old site (the one i need to avoid for a client is merely 98), or at least i don’t see any such thing in sequences, semaphore, key_value, or such database tables.

Note that if you are migrating content this is both less likely to be a concern, and it’s possible to migrate original node IDs (pretty sure Mauricio covers that in this content migration training).

This is only a concern when important pages on an old Drupal site had content accessible directly at node/123 and you’re using Page Not Found Passthrough (Redirect on 404) module to keep the old content accessible at its original URLs on an archived site.

Basically i want to be able to make a new node/123 without having to watch the nodes increment and snag that node ID just in time.