Images with Hugo content easily without changing from simple markdown file per post structure

OK so Hugo has an approach called page bundles where the assets for a page or a post (or a note like these raw notes for Agaric, whatever you call your content type)

So hugo forces the built content into this directory which means you can do lighter-weight, after-the-fact adding images to a page/post called in two ways other than creating the directory here-is-my-example-post and renaming your file to inside that directory:

One, you can create a here-is-my-example-post directory and put your image file in there— Hugo will merge it with the directory it creates for your file.

Two, you can have a content/posts/images (or content/pages/images or content/notes/images etc.) folder and, remembering that Hugo will move your file into a here-is-my-example-post directory, you can reference the image with ![Example alt text](../images/example-image.png).

The above presumes what this raw notes site has, content/posts/ with hundreds of markdown files directly in it, and introduces an images folder next to them, but to reach the images after Hugo server builds the site and creates a folder per file, we need to go up a directory to reach the images.

Do other static site generators make this easier?

Does not appear to be better based on other people’s blog posts and docs, but i haven’t done as deep research as with Hugo which i’m actually using. Maybe it just works, and keeps paths relative to each other? But that it’s not easy to find “here is a piece of content with an image” in Eleventy’s starter documentation is not a good sign.