Alecka -

Case manager over at Framingham had placed a referral with us.

Encompass Home Care as an option.

We can provide skilled services including visiting nurse, therapist — about an hour long each, and a couple times a week.

Not a long-term or an overnight service. That would be the same for any sort of skilled home agency.

I will talk with Joan the case manager. Has she provided any information

Me: No

Would there also be a speech therapist?

Start out with nurse and occupational therapist, getting in and out of shower, getting dressed.

Me: She hasn’t had a shower or been helped with a shower since benig hospitalized, which is also

They are telling me potentially Thursday

I can continue to keep an eye on her case

Typically additional can require out-of-pocket.

Me: My brothers and i are

In rehab, therapy multiple times a day. In home care, not as frequent, up to two times a week for each visiting clinician.

It’s not as frequent, but they will set up a home exercise program, and if there’s somoene there to cary over the exercise programe, so that when she is discharged, we would be contributing to her progress.

Me: I know it can take two years to know, how long talking about? Home care is 60 day episode, then recertify for another 60 days.

If needs more equipment and care, outpatient may be an option.

Me: How about outpatient?

(she’d already brought it up)

safety or equipment recommendations for in home “would be missed if doing outpatient”

nures, pt, ot, st

Not twice per day, but an exercise program that can still be done beyond their visit times.

Unique to everyone’s situation.

What i’d like to do, i’m going to reach out to Joan the case manager, there is the concern about the 24/7 support.

Outpatient in addition? “Homecare and outpatient cannot coincide, insurance will only pay for one at a time. They consider it double dipping. Outpatient will require transportation and would still be only 2-3 times a week, there will be more total time in homecare than outpatient, homecare will be able to tailor for her lifestyle. I agree with your perspective, if i made the rules… our system is definitely not the greatest.”

I am a physical therapist by trade, and there is benefits for the physical therapist to put together an exercise program, so not dependent on equipment. Can provide therabands for instance.

A very good time to press that the additional resources are there (visiting nurses)

Or order a commode for the downsteairs.

therapy and rehab team, this is part of their assessment.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t ask where the bathrooms are (just one, upstairs)

Would have to be emptied at some point. All of this should be brought up for discussion. It’s imperative.

Additional services at home" “Private caregiving service”

Me: Ask them about that in addition to other resources?

Her: I’m sure you work, there’s the option for the private caregiving, typically out of pocket unless a certain number of hours are covered by insurance. I’ve seen some people where if they are able to stay with their mom for a few hours of the day, someone comes in for four hours.

If she’s not ready for Thursday, the team will identify.

It sounds like they will reassess today, so her or Shauni will work on their case.

Although it’s same company, it will be a totally different team for home care.

The rehab therapists stay in rehab, and the home therapists stay in the community.