Dell Latitude not charging correctly

The environmental conditions are humid but not too hot— low to mid 70s Fahrenheit.

Seems it’s twice now gotten down to 73% and then started charging again. Last time it maxed out at 86% before no longer charging.

Somewhere in that range is where the problem first presented itself earlier today; in this incarnation it neither charged nor lost power just remained at the same percentage (endlessly calculating how long it would take to reach full).

Note that the end of the power adapter glows mightily when it has power and hat has never wavered,

I’m thinking he problem may be moisture from humidity.

The keyboard seems to be having moisture-related issues also.

The power cord (that plugs into the wall) to power adapter even felt wet at one point when i opened it.

2021-07-26 — just past midnight — we’ve reached 91% charge!

It did reach 100%. But…

Next day it went all the way down to 50% and never started charging, tried in various outlets, went to PC Health in Framingham and they tried with a new suitable charger they had for a new laptop and it worked and mine still didn’t in their same outlet there so i bought their charger out from under the computer they were trying to sell at a presumably exorbitant more-than-100-dollars price but i was happy, and then, what the hell, bought an APC with built-in surge protector to try to be sure to protect the power adapter (and laptop computer) from my Mom’s old house’s ancient electric wiring.