Doing decent RSS easily in modern Drupal

Sadly, Drupal 8, 9, and likely 10 haven’t cleaned up the RSS support to be definitively better than, say, Drupal 1.0 twenty odd years ago.

This is the big regression that’s not fixed yet:

Views RSS display always outputs ‘submitted’ by and ‘authored on date’ inside the description tag [#2946812] |

Seems it’ll take some digging to find where these unwanted additions get added to the description:

I’m using to work around this.

This is a big one that’s allegedly fixed but… not for Views-based RSS or something? Nah, it must be, because Views does provide the core frontpage RSS, yes? /admin/structure/views/view/frontpage/edit/feed_1 And taxonomy term RSS:

Relative URLs in feeds should be converted to absolute ones [#88183] |

Maybe the error i saw was… hmm, needs investigating.

Some other links to come back to when more motivated to work toward more systemic solutions:

And some workarounds: