Hosting options (a draft to a client by Chris)

(For a client considering moving off of Siteground)

To follow up on our conversation yesterday, here are some thoughts regarding web site hosting options:


In this category, [typically] a shared hosting option of some sort is provided along with a WebUI for configuration, etc.

These are, of course, the most simple to maintain, however, the following considerations should be made:

Options in this category are your existing SiteGround, or Pantheon. Within our group, we have the most experience with the latter. I’m not the biggest fan, on account of their having some special sauce that gets mixed into your application, but it is a stable/mature hosting platform.

Another option is I am still evaluating their system - we opened a test account with them for this purpose due to my interest. So far, their staff has been outstanding. The costs are comparable to SiteGround, and they have very high reliability ratings, but I will still withhold a full recommendation until after I have actually tested the service more.

Unmanaged (Full VPS)

Here are some thoughts about going the full VPS approach. In essence: you have full system control, so you must also take the reins of the system.

Per the skills requirements point, there are Web-based administration UI’s that can be installed to reduce the burden of managing such a system yourself. For example or (as well as others). These systems, despite being “unmanaged” do still have some management support built in. For example, systems can have regular full backups created automatically.

I hope this helps inform your decision, and I’ll let you know as soon as we have more information regarding

Regards, Chris