Replacing a screen on Blackview BV9100

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Phone: Blackview BV9100

i searched for a phone that had a long battery life and was indestructible– long battery life, yes; indestructible, apparently not so much. Fell out of my pocket while running and the screen is spiderweb cracked. Phone is still functioning so not sure if i’m so lucky that only protective glass needs to be replaced? Anyhow it’s an unusual phone so i don’t expect parts to be on hand, and i have to leave for Minneapolis by next Sunday, but i might chance it continuing to work for a month until i get back if you think you can help me. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks.


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2023-12-17 update, writing to

Note number above will not work my phone does not work!

Broken screen, i have the replacement LCD as i know it is an unusual phone! Would really appreciate a couple missing screws being replaced but they are not in any way critical.

This is the second time i’ve managed to smash the screen of my rugged Blackview BV9100 (with the 13,000 mAh battery). The battery is completely drained now; i wanted it so before i started the repair but the replacement screen i ordered came as only the LCD and not the full front part like last time, and i’m not prepared to replace that myself— last time i took it all the way apart and when it came to having to use force to remove a part a balked and brought it to Fixology, i think, but they did lose one screw, plus they’re closed today.

Let me know if i should charge the battery a little so it’s easier to test or leave drained.

The charging port has also been giving me trouble, have to mess with it a while and get just the right angle, and was looking forward to the new LCD+front kit fixing that (again, for a while anyway), but alas, only got the LCD.

I know this is a trickier job than usual, and i would rather get the right person with sufficient time in a few days than have anyone outside their comfort zone at all. Thanks!


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2024 February update

I would like to make Blackview to be the phone i continue to buy for myself,

my company, and for our non-profit which provides phones to unhoused people.

Sustainability is very important to me, though, and it is disconcerting that

a phone i bought through your website a few years ago will become trash due

to lack of replacement parts.

In late 2021 i had been able to buy the replacement i needed through the

Blackview official accessories store on AliExpress, but now i have looked there and everywhere online and only been able to find LCD touch screen digitizer.

Can you help me with finding a source to buy one or two replacement Blackview BV9100 LCD Display Touch Screen Displays with front frame?

It is very important the front frame + charging port is part of these— already replaced only the LCD, but due to denting to the frame it could not sit fully plus the separate problem of being very very difficult to get the phone to recharge (replacing the front frame helped for a while before— does seem to be a design issue that was fixed in later models according to friends who bought the BV9300 on my recommendation).

Thank you, i really hope you can help me source the replacement screen.


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Blackview responded:

dear friend, because Blackview BV9100 has been stopped production, it’s sorry that there hasn’t accessory in stock (such as Blackview BV9100 LCD Display Touch Screen Displays with front frame)

I wrote back, to the Zendesk satisfaction rating thing with a thumbs up for satisfied:

I am satisfied with the prompt and honest response.

I am very, very, very disappointed in Blackview not doing more to ensure replacement parts are available for a minimum of 5 years after a phone goes out of production.