Maintaining a modern Drupal module (D8, D9, and beyond) draft thoughts

Start committing before you know what you are doing.

Commit early and often. Read Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 chapter 14, “Developing from a Human Mindset” by Károly Négyesi. Experiment freely!

… is this still a thing?

Ensure you are subscribed to issues. If you are the sort of organized person with folders for e-mails, make a rule for the sender e-mail plus your module machine name in brackets – “[example]” – because that is how issues for your specific module will come to you, and you may want to pull them out of all the other notifications if you promiscuously subscribe to threads like i do.

git tag

like gitkraken (not Free Software) or Fork (Mac OS only

View your project’s main paeg

Add new release

(which will be[your project’s NID] )

AWS cluster - works well for an agency that wants to re-sell. Asked them if they can provide the web interface devpanel. An economy of scale thing— one site, very expensive, many, quite good. They would offer this as a service to non-profit organizations specifically, at pricing that is lower than Pantheon, and more forgiving, not jumping to overage. As close to Pantheon as you can get, but with greater flexibility. One little feature they have is the ability to have a set of database credentials, and swap those out between sites, and just switch database credentials— deploy live!

Commands you can run and see your actual AWS costs.

Looked at Amazee and stopped, because their base pricing was too high— and then a support package on top of that. A bit of sales slime bait and switch, and then .

Salim at DevPanel, always gone in a good direction. Very small operation. They are a B corporation.

Becoming co-maintainer of a module

Some extra notes on taking on an existing module as a co-maintainer.

First, congratulations on choosing to co-maintain a module rather than creating a new one.

If there are a number of co-maintainers, you may want to exercise some extra caution with some of this advice.

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Thomas: So much firewood along Cedar Lake Trail