Not found CKEditor plugin JavaScript already present at different libraries path

After stumbling upon this issue

and indeed there was:

I now have exactly identical files at:


And there is also (a presumably incompatible?) issue to fix the problem of it being in two places:

Store plugin in libraries/ckeditor.fakeobjects [#3208959] |

My commit message as i added

+        "drupal-ckeditor-libraries-group/fakeobjects": "^4.17",
+        "drupal-ckeditor-libraries-group/link": "^4.17",

to composer.json temporarily:

Directly require ckeditor javascript plugins via packagist until (ha) Drupal sorts itself out

Issue encouraging adding them like this (would be done in the module composer.json if accepted)

Issue to put the library in the same place webform does, libraries/ckeditor.{pluginname}