Submitting Drutopia as a project for funding through Open Source Collective

We are trying to meet this criteria:

It’s automatic for projects with 100 stars on GitHub. Currently 41 stars on GitLab, pretty good for GitLab without promotion or being a framework for developers but intended as a distribution for regular users.

The flagship distribution itself currently has 41 stars on GitLab,

Everything that goes into the distribution is built to be modular and support the Drupal ecosystem, and in some cases PHP overall.

Furthermore, the Drutopia project has as a key part of its purpose giving power to non-developers. We expect the Open Collective platform to be an important way to connect people using the software to people developing the software, and we will be exploring the Metagov Gateway Open Collective has started to use. (We understand we can use Open Collective without Open Source Collective’s fiscal sponsorship, but we share this to show how Drutopia’s importance and impact goes and will go beyond our star and download numbers.)

Our most-used projects supported as part of the Drutopia ecosystem are: - used by more than 5,000 sites. - used by more than 5,000 sites.

Also in the broader PHP ecosystem: - more than 1,000 downloads. - used by 366 sites so far. - used by 62 sites so far. - used by 42 sites so far.

As individuals, we do much, much more development, documentation, and support than listed