Just never try to nest a git project in a git project

Use git submodules, sure.

Ignore the directory and handle with a package manager like composer, sure.

But think you can just stage and commit the folder, and just have a working complete repository when someone else clones the code… no.

How to undo this situation:

Via https://stackoverflow.com/a/1789374/1028376 which also has the solution for preserving the git commit history.

However having an autocommit running while dealing with folders that have .git in them is what will really screw you up.

The commit message i couldn’t even commit because there was nothing to commit.


I made a copy of hyde to oldhyde and git automatically committed it? Secretly? And immediately turned my cloned hyde theme into a submodule? And when you undo the submodule it does something even weirder and more awful until you remove the .git folder? AUGGHHHHHH.

And now with oldhyde removed and .git in new hyde removed it’s acting as if there are no changes to commit. Ridiculous and such a goddamn waste of time.

OK whoops a good chunk of the madness here is caused by the automatic commits i have running for my notes directory… which includes the theme.

Modifying that to not include the theme should make things a lot less insanity-provoking in the future.

This used to just point at raw-notes without carefully targeting the content/notes directory within it.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

nohup gitwatch -r origin -L 1 /home/mlncn/Projects/agaric/raw-notes/content/notes/ & disown