A notify messaging framework that can do SMS and Signal, and allow signups without logging in with e-mail

https://www.drupal.org/project/smssystem email_registration Anonymous subscriptions. OTP Login | Drupal.org https://www.drupal.org/project/sms_register_login https://www.drupal.org/project/courier


Key module for relating our new ’notifyme’ entity to nodes or taxonomy terms that we want to subscribe to: https://www.drupal.org/project/dynamic_entity_reference

smsframework already requires this module but not sure how it makes use of it.


DANSE Drupal - Audit - Notification - Subscription - Event | Drupal.org

DANSE maintainers are highly responsive in the issue queue; here they answer my query.

Keeping track of which channels a notification is sent to (and modifying notification message to different channels) [#3276880] | Drupal.org

DANSE works with Push Framework | Drupal.org which is under-built-out so far. Thought i saw somewhere about SMS Framework working with it, which would be key.

Message Stack

Pretty well-supported and does a lot of cool things but, not sure that heavier route makes sense for us to go. Still, noting and tracking here.


Very cool for my local microblog / replace social media approach, since both Twitter and activitypub/Mastodon support threading:

But but but all the surrounding modules is where we’re supposed to be getting the value and, uh, it’s just not a model to build on yet. Take Message Subscribe. No Anonymous subscriptions. [#3165713] | Drupal.org?!?!

Registering people as users while subscribing with email or phone for notifications

The ideal way to do this in my opinion would be to create user accounts for people seamlessly in the background when they sign up to get SMS/Signal or e-mail or any other sort of notification for anything.

Unfortunately, Drupal is still stubbornly username/e-mail centric for user accounts, and while it certainly seems possible to work around that, no one seems to have a drop-in solution ready-to-go that is well maintained.

Decoupled Auth should allow that, the FreelyGive people said it could, but it has so much specific code to what they are trying to do, and after a less-than-ideal trying to use their Contacts module in ways that were not identical to however they were using it, i am hesitant to go that route again.

If these two modules were both widely used and worked together i’d just use them and do programmatic registration in the background.

While the latter has no stable release and little usage, simply the existence of both is very promising.

Extremely old but somewhat informative (and place to update): users - Is there a way to register on my Drupal site with mobile number and password instead of email? - Drupal Answers. And 8 - User registration without email address OR registration with pseudo-email address - Drupal Answers. And in particular this blog post: Extending Drupal Beyond E-mail Authentication (Part 1) - Allegiance Group |


Letting people who are not authenticated as users to sign up for notifications

Just letting people subscribe without signing up.

OK i am really not someone to talk about other people’s module maintenance but here i go again. Flag seem like the entity i should be hanging everything on for this. But it seems stuck in beta with no commits since November 2021.

Despite the person’s trouble in the last comment here i figure it is still fieldable: Attaching fields to flags (Flag 3.x) | Drupal.org Yeah this would be how: https://www.drupal.org/docs/contributed-modules/flag-lists/add-more-information-fields-to-a-flagging-collection