Mouse hover in Firefox stops working after suspend unless i hold down control key

At first i thought i was accidentally triggering some weird accessibility feature, but 1) i do not see how it could possibly be useful and 2) it seems to happen after i suspend the computer. On Debian (testing).

Cannot believe no has posted about this. Maybe it is too weird for people to have hope.

Ancient bug about tooltips:

Moderately ancient similar bug:

Update 2023-11-22

Someone has now posted about it!

22.10 - Mouse hover events broken on Firefox - Ask Ubuntu

I commented, to clarify:

Pretty sure i’ve been having the same (intermittent) experience all these months (and still happening with the latest Debian GNU/Linux trixie/sid,Gnome 44.5, Wayland.) One additional note though: If i hover over an element that should have a response, and then i press the control key, the interaction works as expected. (Like pressing control tells Firefox to check the mouse.) It almost feels like an accessibility feature that gets toggled mysteriously.) Is this the same bug for other people, is pressing control to activate the expected tooltip, dropdown etc a ‘workaround’ for you also?

They posted the bug in Ubuntu’s bug tracker, Bug #2006468 “firefox does not detect mousemove events” : Bugs : firefox package : Ubuntu, but as noted there it is not an Ubuntu-specific bug.