adding adsense for a client. What am i doing with my life?

Cannot believe after 15+ years in web development i am finally directly complicit in the advertising/surveillance side.

can i use “ca-pub” on my own domain adsense?

Very old post says no:

the “ca” prefix on “ca-pub-7962155685406126” indicates it is (or used to be?) for hosted platforms— are you sure it applies to the domain name directly?

Ah, no, that must be old info the ID as published in scripts is always ca-pub- per Publisher ID for xx-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is rejected [#3249274] |

Rather than the adsense module, putting the the basic ad code on the site through the footer JavaScript option of the Asset Inject module, i got blocked by Cloudflare.

Uh, thanks for trying to keep us safe.

And yet… I don’t like advertisements either but why is this happening? That there is no obvious and quick way to remedy this improper blocking by Cloudflare is really disturbing; if it were not an administrator i doubt a user could communicate what happened well enough that we would understand to even file a ticket.