Rules replacement drupal 9 eca event condition action module with bpmn

This looks really powerful and i’d love to build everything to integrate with it but going to have to wait for a lot more documentation and examples, and perhaps some improvements to the interface.

The drag and drop drawing is cool but there is nothing intuitive about actually figuring out how to do things, in particular apply conditions which is the crucial thing. That is once an event is selected the list of possible conditions that can apply are, not only not guided, but pretty much impossible to figure out through the BPMN interface.

So yeah would love to have just done my project to show different ad code on listing vs regular pages and to develop the next generation of the VOIP module on it… but right now the learning curve looks to steep. But maybe that’s me speaking as someone more comfortable with code, and someone more comfortable with mashing all the buttons on a UI to see what they will get will go far with it!

composer require drupal/eca drupal/eca_context drupal/context_stack 'drupal/bpmn_io:^1'