First, i don’t want to keep this joy for myself. All i did was go to Drupal.org’s modules page and filtered the listing by “Works with: Drupal 9” and “Module categories: Taxonomy”. 159 projects matched that criteria when i did the search. I am not sure how “Relevancy” is used as a sort criteria for such a search (no keyword; everything shown is tagged with Taxonomy) but it appears usage count factored in— although a couple of my modules that i know are in use on only a site or two ranked near the middle of the list, while one with 30 sites reporting using the module came at the every end.

Hmm, based on that functionality the Project module should be categorized as Taxonomy

There are tons of modules helping with hierarchical taxonomies and integrating taxonomy terms with menus in some way. And some, like https://www.drupal.org/project/taxonomy_menu_trails that help with both. In general i wasn’t too interested in those.

I did like https://www.drupal.org/project/menu_to_taxonomy though! Automatic sync of a menu to terms in a vocabulary, optionally creating term references from nodes that are given a particular menu item to the corresponding term for that menu item, i could see having some fun with that… not many use cases though.

Did some actual testing here:

Term CSV Export Import is the module that works best, no manual yaml file nonsense like the migrate based modules (and i love the migration system, but we need to put a UI on stuff like that for basic use cases). Taxonomy Import is also simple, but descriptions break it (or did for us).

Taxonomy Views Integrator | Drupal.org this i have tried to do the same thing in a different way, overriding the path for terms so it gets sent to a view. This module is the better way, in general, although sometimes what i want is the term to link to a facet on a different view, and i don’t think this module will do that.

there’s a module to protect terms from being deleted:

And another to protect entire vocabularies from being deleted (wait why would that ever be allowed?)

Structure Sync | Drupal.org

Really glad to have found this, need to try it, export terms, blocks etc as content. If this really works it replaces Simple Block for me.

Taxonomy Replace | Drupal.org is an alternative to Term Merge, and

Pre-built vocabularies

This little-used kind of taxonomy module falls into the category of very convenient when it is just what you need: all the terms for a particular purpose, ready for you to use. Sure you could import some yourself but you have to figure if someone went to the trouble of putting them in a module they did due dilligence on identifying a good source for you!

Countries and Regions - World Bank countries and regions.

Currency taxonomy

Group module integration

Group Term for terms as group content.


Create Content with Category Ooh, this one’s mine! If you have different types of content that are important enough to appear in a menu, but they do not need different fields, you can use a single content type and distinguish different kinds of content with taxonomy. This module provides a block with a menu-like list for each available term plus the content type (“Human Resources Page” or “Culture Article”).

Taxonomy Move to move terms between vocabularies. (Probably has some issues with edge cases with parentage.)

Views: Media taxonomy filter | Drupal.org

Tally | Drupal.org

This one doesn’t even have a description and i would have skipped it but i looked at the source and here’s the description from the info.yml:

Adds a field to calculate a simple count per referenced entity

Glad i looked because while it is only tangentially taxonomy-related i may need the same thing for a project.

Still to go through:

Taxonomy Menu Trails | Drupal.org Termcase | Drupal.org Views taxonomy term name into ID | Drupal.org Taxonomy Menu UI | Drupal.org Taxonomy Machine Name | Drupal.org Taxonomy unique | Drupal.org Taxonomy Entity Index | Drupal.org Taxonomy Multi-delete Terms | Drupal.org Taxonomy term locks | Drupal.org Glossify | Drupal.org Admin Toolbar Content | Drupal.org Tooltip Taxonomy | Drupal.org Unique content field validation | Drupal.org Export & Import Taxonomy Terms & Translations by Drush | Drupal.org Entity Confirmation | Drupal.org Taxonomy Term Revision | Drupal.org Taxonomy Bulk Actions (TBA) | Drupal.org Flat taxonomy | Drupal.org Prevent Term Delete | Drupal.org Bulk Edit Terms | Drupal.org Simple terms and menus | Drupal.org Search API Solr Boost By User Term | Drupal.org Term Merge Manager | Drupal.org Taxonomy Field Tracking | Drupal.org Taxonomy Term Machine Name | Drupal.org Taxonomy Preferences | Drupal.org Personalization by terms | Drupal.org Entity Share Auto | Drupal.org Dynamic Tag Clouds | Drupal.org Popular Tags | Drupal.org Open Y autocomplete path | Drupal.org Taxonomy Place | Drupal.org Entities Import | Drupal.org Powerling translation provider for Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) | Drupal.org Auto Recommend Content Tags (Thru Apache Stanbol) | Drupal.org NlpTools intelligent | Drupal.org Entity Reports | Drupal.org Term Level Field | Drupal.org Micro Taxonomy | Drupal.org WissKI | Drupal.org Group Taxonomy | Drupal.org Term split | Drupal.org Reference value pair | Drupal.org Term name validation | Drupal.org immaculatexavier | Drupal.org Taxonomy Protect | Drupal.org Intelligent Content Tools | Drupal.org Partner Link | Drupal.org