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Thank you for your Order # 9181054500013532. You will receive a confirming email message shortly, but you may also want to print this page for your records. SKU Product Qty Price Ext. 5603 Set of 4 MERV 13 Air Filters For Corsi-Rosenthal Box 10 $60.00 $600.00 Sub-Total $600.00 UPS Ground $32.95 Total $632.95

Your prices are already very good, and think you for all the work making this affordable solution available. This is for a community build day for people to build their own Corsi-Rosenthal box for free, though, so if you can afford to to throw in a set or to for free we would be hugely grateful. We would also be able to provide a 501c3 tax-compliant donation receipt for any gratis filters. (Through one of our not-for-profit partners, including the Open Collective Foundation through Minneapolis Northside Mutual Aid.) Thank you for everything!


Harley N95 Respirator Face Mask - Model L-188 - NIOSH Approved - 20 per box (Select Quantity Below - Price per unit lowers as quantity increases: 1000 masks ($0.79 per mask)) HRLY-N95-L188-1000 1 $790.00 USD $790.00 USD Subtotal: $790.00 USD Coupon Code (L188): -$158.00 USD Shipping: $0.00 USD Tax: $0.00 USD Grand Total: $632.00 USD

Help promote a COVID-19 safety outdoor event? (building quality home filters + free N95 masks)

Hi North Side Community Collective!

I’ve ordered 10 sets of the 4-sides-worth-of-filters approach* for making Corsi-Rosenthal boxes, and 1,000 Harley N95 Respirator face masks, model L-188, NIOSH approved, to give away free.

Do not know the arrival date but hoping to organize a community build day (bring home your own box) before it gets too cold to do anything with fingers outside.

Still need to source ten 20-inch box fans (with dial on the top or short sides, or on the direction the air blows) and the tape and cardboard needed, but that’s a lot easier to bring on one’s own at short notice than the filters.

We have a person who built his own a good while ago to help coach people on building, but it’s quite simple.

Would also be fantastic to see if anyone else has filters available locally and other kinds of quality masks for people to try for fit, but i am quite tapped out funds-wise, just desperately want to help a few people and show the inexcusable horror of capitalist/government inaction.

Thank you!!


P.S. Sorry i never made it to a reading meetup, but at least i probably finished Becoming Abolitionists about the same time the group did (after i started a couple months earlier than the group!) +1 508 737 0582