Firefox stop auto-sorting tabs by container

It claims it does not unless the button for Multi-Account Containers is pressed and the “Sort Tabs by Container” option is pressed but it is absolutely autosorting whenever i try to move a tab and it is very very annoying.

This was a problem two years ago:

Extension automatically grouping tabs based on category

… maybe the bug reappeared?

Claiming it won’t:

Sort: The Container Menu has a “Sort Tabs” option and a “Move tabs to a new window” option. Sort Tabs will put all your tabs of the same container type next to each other in a given browser window. So if you have “Work” and “Personal” tabs interleaved within each other, you can easily sort them to help organize your tasks (as seen below). “Move tabs to a new window” will take all the container tabs in your current window and move them to a fresh window.