PHP interaction with Mastodon API, Drupal with Activity Pub, plus Indieweb

Mr. Wilson

Does anybody have a favorite PHP library for interacting with the Mastodon API?

anelki 🧑‍💻💜✊

@mrwilson @mlncn?

benjamin melançon @mlncn:

@anelki @mrwilson Good question! The Drupal Mastodon module - - uses the PHP library (available through composer)

@anelki @mrwilson at @agaric we have more taken the approach of having a website interact with the fediverse not directly with ActivityPub, let alone the Mastodon API, but with the #IndieWeb approach so we get our posts to Mastodon via — lots of different use cases, sorry for braindumping since you asked a specific question, interacting with the Mastodon API, but one more post in this thread…

@anelki @mrwilson @agaric another exciting way for some websites to interact with different Mastodon instances and the much larger ActivityPub-pub federated social web is by using the ActivityPub protocol to join the space directly, and both WordPress and Drupal support that, the latter has

Which relies on the underlying PHP library for ActivityPub protocol support: