Examining your Drupal site's activitypub feed without spamming the fediverse

In setting up ActivityPub module so our client, Portside.org, can publish directly to the federated social web, we had some articles that did not appear to make it, and others that had formatting issues and not all of the data that we wanted to be shown.

We knew it had to be published somewhere.

activitypub.routing.yml led us to


JSON showing outbox

Note that rather than

ActivityPub JSON outbox first page

That was never the problem.

The original user story:

People on portside.social or elsewhere on the fediverse can read a full Portside article in their Mastodon or other website or app, and boost it, and comment on it, etc.

This is very much how some would like to interact with Portside content (not have to click a link to go to portside.org to read the article and then have to come back to portside.social to boost or comment).