Tips for using

Overarching tip: Let the frustration roll off you like unstaged code after a git clean -f.

You are logged into, sure, but if you aren’t seeing buttons you expect before you start questioning yourself check to see if hasn’t randomly logged you out.

So you’re logged out.

First, copy the URL out of your browser’s address bar.

Then press the “Log in” button at top left and it will talk to and log you in (why it doesn’t do this automatically when you come here, who knows!)

It will drop you off at an overview page, completely ditching the context of where you were, so use the back button a time or two or just paste in that URL you copied for safekeeping a step ago.

OK now you’re seeing more buttons but when you press “Create merge request” you get “Page not found”? Funny story about that.

Go back to your issue on and press “Request access” on the fork.

Now you can go back to the branch and create merge request.

Whacky, right?!

So cool to have all the permissions you need but have to know how to jump through secret extra hoops to use them.