drupal field multivalue set number of values

You can set it per field thanks to this issue: Add a custom ’number of values’ for ‘multiple / multi-value’ field. (e.g. nodereference, imagefield) [#680546] | Drupal.org

But not per field instance, that is, the same field on different bundles e.g. (content types).

Allow cardinality to be restricted (overriden and reduced) in the field instance settings [#1029298] | Drupal.org

Field Config Cardinality | Drupal.org



Next challenge: drupal remove drag-and-drop from multivalue form element Drupal 8

Old issue: [SOLVED] Disable table drag in node edit for some fields | Drupal.org

Active issue for modern Drupal core: Allow multiple field widgets to not use tabledrag [#2264739] | Drupal.org

The merge request provides a whole new template to do this… https://git.drupalcode.org/project/drupal/-/merge_requests/2851/diffs#note_159288