Linwood Flow

Still in development, not ready for even testing it seems.

“time and event management software”. Add places and calendar events and share them with your friends, so people know what locations and times are available. Add notes and files to events (including when offline).

a larger network - vs

proprietary vs open source

federatable vs not – federatable

On the line would be Signal

Slack - people start opening up new channels like crazy, and it’s turned into this octopus

Messages that you don’t know where they came from, some people are in some

How much control do you want within the community you are building?

Hierarchical organization

Thinking there is a central authority, council of publications coming together to create the space. They exercise control over their own membership. Those that persistently violate get booted. Each group

Portside operates the same way, each moderator does their own thing, but if they go too far from the overall political goals or behavioral

Lots of good will based on the nature of the collaboration.

Groups don’t want

Each project has a project leader.

As long as it’s working within the parameters, then it’s fine. If not the media organization, part of the consurtium, boots the project.

At the top level, very close to how open source projects work at it.

If a project is kicked out of an organization, is it a good thing or a bad thing

Project leader is going to need to have some form of communicating with the members— they can pick up where they want to?

We don’t want the sense of the group to be if you are kicked out you are shattered. No one is going to want to join knowing that someone else might throw a bomb and they cannot recover from it— they can join the Republican party if they want to do that.

Take only things that belong to you?

It is not a good look

Right of assembly, can join and leave at every level.

Then the question of privacy.

Facebook model is big brother— the common carrier has complete control of the connections with other people. Is it possible or desirable to

In assembly, at which level are you sharing? Only in affinity groups?

Choose what to share in each project.

Channels of communication are the menu of that platform, if you want to expand it or change it, it’s on the platform.

Default in the law, if there are three or more parties in the

Cannot record a conversation between two people unless you inform— some states.

Encryption— not the core of any service we would do.

How do you avoid disruptors?

Have it set up where the project leader has access to technologies to bar people— control who joins the video call, how to mute people, etc.— that is standard.

Do i want to build all of

Ira: Suppose you are working on a union drive, organizing, bargaining committee having preliminary

You need to trust everyone in the bargaining committee group. No amount of technical secrecy is going to stop that.

But you do want to make sure that if the messages leak out because someone stole your phone, they can’t access it.

Barry: Group leaders are not necessarily very technically proficient, and they may want to use whatever it is they are used to. We can provide a variety of models, use what fits their comfort zone.

Some may want to set something up on Facebook. What do we care? Our purpose is not to promote a particular technology or platform.

And at the consortium level, it’s a website, it’s open.

A given publication has things that are open, and then different levels of porousness. But that’s not

What bubbles up to the organization and the consortium?

That’s how you difuse the organizing.

One way to do this is to be very clear what is public.

Barry: Some of the projects people put up there, might be publication type things, that might be a hub-and-spoke within it. The people who join the group may not be doing it to communicate, community is formed by who is speaking there. The columnist for the Nation or whatever, and i don’t like the idea of being on substack, or i also want to be here, they all just sign up to get my spouting off, or i moderate everything.

There could be a great diversity of types of projects.

My assumption is people are looking to join— but what they want to join may vary greatly. Local, or not, with obligations, or not. But

I look on Substack, i look on Medium, no one will filter for what i’m looking for— Medium’s recommendations are useless.

So the primary purpose is discoverability of the projects— searching for what they are. Ability to unite people across boundaries through projects.

Kaiden the guy we were talking to was summoned for jury duty— possibly a couple weeks!

Joking: What this discussion lacks? A clearly defined conflict. So we can have the illusion of [coming together.