Filter windows in gnome overview dashboard to only show those of a chosen application for example show me previews of my 42 open firefox windows

KDE has this as of 2022:

Gnome still does note. Shame.

Note that i do use Super+Tab, backtick (`), and then additional backticks or arrow keys to select a window from a given application, but the previews here are not as big and you can only see about nine windows previewed at a time, versus the application overview filtered to one application (especially across two monitors) could give much larger previews of all twenty, thirty, … forty (i’m sorry) windows at once.

This is the closest and it’s not in unfortunately:

This did not work at all? But my “Show all apps” (not “Show all applications”) like in their screenshot at Super+A or any other key i assigned it did not seem to work an all, either…

Ah yes, here it is, the desperation search: