unable to create new alias of same name as recently deleted alias

Went to finish filing this issue after a couple weeks of it being an open tab in my browser and i could not reproduce the problem on a fresh install. The original problem was on MASS with the /practice page. Leaving notes to myself here so i can pick up where i left off if it happens again.

When you change the URL alias for one node, you should be able to immediately use that alias for another node.

Instead, getting, even though the URL alias was deleted, the error: “The alias is already in use in this language.”

Cannot reproduce this in a new Drupal (Drutopia) site though.

Here’s what i thought the steps would be:

The problem on MASS is that the same node has two aliases. This is not a language thing, there are not multiple languages or translations enabled.

/practice to /node/1875 /practice-old to /node/1875

Both resolve directly to /practice-old

No idea how that happened, why the path alias wasn’t replaced with a redirect, or how it works to get to the new alias (the new alias is /practice-old) despite there not being a redirect for it at all.

Possible issues found: